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We can see your future (apartment).

PocketList shows you exclusive info about places to rent months before they go on the market.

In fact, the best rentals on PocketList never make it to other sites.

How? Read on and we’ll explain. Or you can...

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A head start on getting your next place.

When you want to move, you can plan a lot of things, but you can't plan what will be available when your old lease ends.

We’re renters just like you, and we’re done with the stress of finding a new place. PocketList is the first app that helps renters find the perfect place before they give notice.

Rate and you shall receive.

PocketList is 100% free for renters. PocketList works because renters like you share honest info about their current place.

When you add ratings or photos and answer questions, you receive the same from other renters. We make sure your privacy is protected so you can safely share info without worrying about exposing your address or other personal details.

All your knowledge is gathered together and shared with other renters, so we all can benefit from a clearer picture of the rental market—now and in the near future.

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Here are just some of our features…

Light, Sound, and Parking Ratings

Learn what a rental is really like from a person who's lived there before.

Follow Curated Areas

Discover lifestyle-based regions like "Walk to the Beach" and "UCLA."

Questions and Answers

Ask a question, and get it answered by someone who's lived in the unit.

Safe and Private Chat

Chat with landlords without sharing your contact information—until you're ready to apply.

Anti-Discrimination Features

Profile pictures and last names aren't displayed for landlords or property managers.

Renter Score – COMING SOON

Stand out from the competition in more ways than just your credit score to get your dream place.

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And we’ve got way more in the works.

This is the future of renting.

Renters know the rental market better than anyone else. When we share what we know, the housing market becomes a more open and honest place.